Elsa Salonen: Alquimia Vegetal
2016, dimensions variable
For the installation various local medicinal plants were acquired in Cali, Colombia. The plants were bleached and preserved in glass vessels designed by the artist. In addition, colours were extracted from Penicilina plants. Alum crystals were added in the dye and with the colour thereby created a golden image was painted on paper.
Thematic consultancy / Local medicinal plants
Herbalist Jorge CasilimasTechnical support / Glass vessels
Glassblowing studio / Walter Velasco

Project Location / Artist-in-residence
Lugar A Dudas / Cali / Colombia


Regine Rørstad Torbjønsen: plant identification (installation, 2016)

when did you last spend half an hour with a plant? when did you last see a plant move? when did you last see yourself move?

come join us in the prinzessinnengarten from 1 pm today and film your own little reality show with this bean plant